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Biochemical bases Physiological Disorders

Course finalised 2015/2016 More information

Course 2015/2017. Program

Open Term of Registration:

Realisation of the course: of the 17 to 21 July 2017
Term of preinscripción: of 29 May to 9 June 2017

3 credits ECTS 

The aims of this course of specialisation answer to the increasing demand of the graduated in studies related with Sciences of the Life, on the clinical appearances inside the field of the Biochemistry. Thus, in the course will describe the metabolic functions of the main organs of the human body, the biochemical magnitudes of utility in the study of the gastric function, pancreatic, hepatic, renal, cardiac and hormonal, as well as the alterations of the same in different illnesses, indicating which are markers of risk. Also they will give to know the basic elements of the development tumoral, doing upsetting in the main markers tumorales and his application in some illnesses tumorales. In relation with the illnesses neurodegenerativas, will describe the biochemical alterations that produce in the illness of Alzheimer, illness deParkinson and encephalopathies espongiformes. Finally, they will describe the most current technicians in the diagnostic of genetic illnesses. It fits to stand out that the course also will have three practical sessions where the students will have the opportunity to learn technical and purchase the necessary skills to llevar the determination of distinct biochemical magnitudes.


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